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Shop Hampton Bags

Your own custom bags or: The Shop Hampton 10% Discount Bag!

You’ve seen the discount cards by schools for fundraisers.

Consider your business promoted by people walking around town with a 10% discount ad for your store.

Consider your store doing your part in helping the environment.

Now consider 10 other stores doing the same thing. Or 20, or 30. Consider every shopper in Southampton walking around promoting your store.

Combine that with the anti plastic bag legislation in the village.

Even if you use paper bags already (and we could help you
with that too.), this could be an opportunity to use this to your advantage.

Our generic promo bag could get you off on the right foot at minimal cost and no minimum quantities and we can get you on board immediately.

Our Southampton Generic Bag will be available soon.

Your Store Bags will feature Your Store!

All participating stores will be listed on our website that will be promoted on every bag.

Other great joint promotions will be released shortly.

When legislation serves you lemons… make lemonade.

Shoppers: Buy the bag, use it, and receive a 10% discount at all participating stores.

Retailers: Each store can purchase a variety of bags at
different price ranges. All bags promote  All participating
stores will be listed at

Bags can be purchased at participating stores at full markup for retailer.

You may never have to buy bags again.

Fundraiser: Bag It! Forget the discount cards…  You can sell Southampton Bags.

Race directors, sponsors, businesses can now shop for promotional supplies at Beaton Supply


Bags Paper.jpg

Promote Your Business!

Be green and save at
We will list all our bag customers here! Be an environmental hero. Buy our generic and custom bags here and we will promote your store. Offer a discount and we will promote that. This website will be updated to promote your business and so will the bags you purchase from us.

Generic Hamptons Bags available at short notice!
Or order your custom bags today!


Pictured: Paper Bags - White Kraft Shopper
# PK2 (W) 8"x4"x10"

Shop for Wholesale Bags

Sponsors, businesses, event managers can now shop for promotional supplies at Beaton Supply

Bags Large Grocery.jpg

Comply with the law, help clean the environment and promote your business!

Reusable Hamptons Bags can be ordered in short notice at small quantities or order your custom bags today. Now is the time to start your bag program to be prepared for your 2012 season. Southampton and East Hampton paper or reusable bags will soon be required at all stores. We can all work together and make this program a win win win situation. This program is "village legal", environmentally sound and profitable for you while promoting your store.

The village wins by making good environmental laws, you win by promoting your business, the consumer wins by getting a discount.


In Southampton Village, there are no other choices.
Shopping Bags Wholesale

Pictured:Non Woven Polypropylene Grocery Canvas Tote Bags
# NW 700 12"x10"x14"

Sell bag in your store. Promote your store and your village.

Shop Southampton

10% Discount

when you use this bag at participating stores.

List Participating Stores